Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back In 60s

joined an event. Mid-Autumn Festival. who wears the best 60s outfit that night will get to win BIG PRIZE! and so, i decided to participate since im broke, totally broke!

and yes, you can see that i've won the 1st prize. I was SHOCKED!  in a minute i thought i couldn't win this, cause the host have already called out 2 names. haha! but surprisingly,  my name was being called!!! omg! i was super happy! i was like flying! quite embarrassing that i was the eldest one right there. i think i was over-exaggerated.


yea, i know what you're thinking right now. 
this was the first time i participated on such an event.

Sunday, September 16, 2012



Sunday, September 9, 2012



最近生活出现了蛮多‘活动’。多数是关于运动。哈哈!而且在学校的日子也一天比一天更疯狂!可能我那些疯狂的‘粉丝’和我那令人佩服的‘花痴情种吧?我每天都在追求,努力。听了过来人的叮咛以及劝告。’胆小的人永远都无法成功。人要勇敢追求,实现梦想。人因梦想而伟大。“ 成功人士这样说。但父母往往想的不一样。他们会觉得"兴趣不能当饭吃。” 可能,他们不愿意看着自己的孩子辛苦或承受无法承受的打击吧?每一个人难免都会遇到挫折,只是在面对之前,那股害怕有胆怯的心让你无法去克服,对吧?我也是这样!有谁喜欢麻烦?我不喜欢。

人会累。每个人都会。“有时不是自己要放弃,而是没那个在坚持下去的意义。” 现在的我正好能与这个引用句画上等号。我很积极努力,但那个代价貌似都不会涨。可能还得努力多几年吧!只是,我这种,要比别人付出更多。

真正认识我的人都知道以上的话都称不上我。因为都相差太大了!哈哈!有些人会觉得我很做作,很虚伪,因为那都不像我会说的话。 但那都是我发自内心所要表达的东西。


我的华语是不是很好叻!那可当然!不然我为何要打华语啊?坑爹的我啊!在读的当儿,你们是不是觉得很伤感啊?防不了,因为我是气氛制造者和我有那超级大的影响能力,对呗? 我真觉得俺变得越花痴啦,搞得你们都很有鸭梨!

和爸爸们一起疯狂吧!oppa NISSAN style! :D
( 厚!我不会玩treasure haunt了!受的打击真大呀!不是你们想象的那么简单!得冠军的haunters,我佩服你,IQ都140了我看!)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Registration opens tomorrow, 7th September 2012 at 9am.

come on! lets run KL!

see you there! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tell Me Watcha Trippin' On

You should really watch this! I'm totally in love with "Young Homie" by Chris Rene! he made this song himself! gosh! he's so talented although he WAS bad before. im touched by this song, seriously! He changed so much since his audition on X-Factor. you can see the changes on his official "young homie" music video.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brooks: Go Green

Just bring your old pair of  shoes to any Brooks outlet nationwide, and get a RM150 rebate!

What kind of shoes can you bring to qualify for a rebate? Any shoe, and any brand is acceptable! You can bring your old  running shoes, walking shoes, badminton shoes or football shoes. You can also bring your old high heels, flats, sandals, or slippers. You can even bring your old rubber boots, school shoes or scouting shoes. Or even your baby-grow-big-cannot-wear-anymore shoes!

As long as it is something you wear on your foot, by definition it is a shoe. It’s that simple.

The RM150 rebate is applicable off the retail price, for the following 10 models – Glycerin 10, Ghost 5, Ravenna 3, Trance 11, Adrenaline GTS 12, Cascadia 7, Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Cadence and Pure Grit.

That’s right. Bring an old pair of shoes, and save RM150 on a new pair of Brooks! As part the Go Green campaign, Brooks would like to help you recycle your old shoes. And make you happy at the same time.

Anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia.

This campaign is valid from 1 – 30 September 2012 only. So head to any Brooks store with your old shoes afap!!! let's go green and save more!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We Run KL 2012

yup, Nike has confirmed that We Run KL 2012 is fall on 13 of October!!! I'm gonna join this 10KM marathon! so are you joining too? Apparently, participants below 25 have to pay RM70 for two persons as registration fees while RM40 per person. but dont worried, it included We Run KL sport shirts. i remember last time they free us a thumb drive after crossed finish-line. however, i don't think they will do it again this year. cause my dad says that runners will get ANOTHER shirt from them after the finish-line. lolll i've got no idea what im talking about! -.-"

rumors say this is we run kl 2012's shirts.

well, honestly, i just registered this afternoon on . but you have to pay before the registration i guess. they will give you an entry card with a entry code. Online registration is open on 31 August 2012 onward until 15 September 2012.