Monday, August 19, 2013

Lame post.

Apparently, my blog has already been dead for almost 2 months if you noticed that. honestly, i just lost my enthusiasm on blogging and i aint got the mood to blog... 
i know that sound pretty bad especially to the readers. well, here i am to apologize and of course to make a tiny announcement of reducing the time on blogging due to SPM.  

Ahaha, it seems a lil funny right? 

basically, i have few stuff to be worried when im blogging. and that probably become the reasons why i  dont blog often. (excuses again!)

First, lack of inspiration. I have no idea what to blog and share with you guys. hmm... maybe i'm still a student. I still dont have that chance to dine at those costly place. mostly i'll have my meals at home about every single day. ahaha. plus, i don't own a camera. not even a touchscreen phone... that's why i force to use my sis's. 
lol! i know it sounds a lil bit crazy like almost everyone has watsapp, line, kakaotalk... even if a 7 year old child has it! then why i don't? 
yea....I'm sure that everything has their good and bad...
However, i'm an active user at Instagram and twitter lohh! Guys who are following will definitely know that!

Another thing i concern the most is my english skills. well, obviously, i'm not a banana, i can't speak english well as well as writing. I'm kinda afraid of the grammar mistake i made every time when i'm blogging. 
Hopefully you get what i meant in the last few posts. :D

alright... i guess this is almost the end. 
(This is why i titled it as lame post. )