Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Levain de pastry

In case you didn't know, i'm also a bread-lover. I'm addicted to bread, i mean those foods that filled with carbohydrates! I hope everybody knows bread bring us lots of benefit and bad too. yeah... bread are simple and easy to carry. you can bring it wherever and whenever you feel like! super efficient right? 

However, it highly contains carb and starch and glucose that will lead to obesity or other sickness. it sounds freaking bad to everyone. that's why i force myself not to eat it sometimes especially when i'm in weight loss process. lol! you must be surprised when i mention weight loss. it mainly because i think i'm depositing lots of fats and get to a better, healthy lifestyle. 

Generally i eat ton of bread during the day in school. cause it's impossible to cook live at school every weekdays right? if i did, my bag would be a trillion times heavier than usual. lol

Let's get straight to the point! Hell yeah, i was having my lunch on last saturday again at levain where located somewhere around KLCC...
(actually i had two times of lunch that day)

Atmosphere there are super duper warm and comfortable! Looks so FRENCH!

the bottom one is chicken curry donut

Cappuccino cake and Custard cream donut <3


Chicken ball spaghetti! They even have beef one!

Overall, i would never mind to visit another 100 times! Plus, i really hate posting up food pictures as well as blogging bout it! they're just way too tempting and i feel super duper extremely hungry almost every single second just by peeking at those photos! you really should have a try on them!

oh yeah, there will be fully packed with bread-monsters like me, especially during rush hour!
But dont worry, they have pretty huge dining area. can chose to enjoy your foods or desserts at upstairs or outdoor. :D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ichiban Boshi

It's been a long long time i didn't blog...yeah... feeling guilty after all. my page view looks a lil down, that somehow make me feel disappointed :( well, that's the pay back! i deserve it! 
I know i can't blame it all on SPM or examination or whatever. Cause if one got the determination to do something, nothing gonna stops them right?

alright, should stop crapping and straight to the point! yeahhhhh...i've been eating non-stop these couple of days. i just can't resist from that! they're just way too adorable and tasty and TEMPTING!!! #omg-ly
Actually i'm a sushi-lover. but not so into FRESH SASHIMI. :P they make me feel sick and uncomfortable. I can't accept uncooked food! i mean for those fish, meat, eggs...

HOWEVER, everything has exception! 

like this one

and this! 

 foods above are actually FRESH i think... (when i mention fresh, it means UNCOOKED.) but sorry that i've forgotten their name. plus, i can't really recognise what is that... they just tasted so good and chewy! sweet+sour+spicy=perfect!

well, you can actually find them at Ichiban Boshi where located at the ground floor of Pavilion.

here's the look of the restaurant. but somehow they had renovated. so... i couldn't search for the latest one.

except for the two FRESH STUFF, here are some other tasty japanese foods too!
Chicken Katsu Cheese Gozen

Salmon Teriyaki Chawanmushi Gozen

Black Pepper Salmon on the left and my Black Pepper Chicken as well.

Just had our hair cut around Setapak. so ya... that was how WE looked before the past two days. But now my hair already looks like an afro.

Btw, they all came in a big portion, so basically, I could hardly stand up straight after that. Their prices are quite reasonable and the atmosphere over there is warm and i feel relaxed over there! Totally worth it! Anyways, try it if you're a japanese-food-lover, you're gonna fall in love with it!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glad that i'm back, huh?

helllllll----ooooo guys!
It's been along time i didn't update my blog. cause i'm having an exam last month.
hmm...pretty busy during the mid-year hols. i like it!
actually i'm kinda sad of being so outdated. Everyone around me is using smartphone or even touch-screen one. i feel like i'm a outsider seriously every time people chatting bout those apps. 
Sigh... when only i could get myself a smartphone? when i'm foolish enough? LOL

Yup, nothing much to talk about. 
wanna share but no proof since I dont have any smart equipment to help me from that case.
well, that is just my stupid excuses...

anyways, who really cares about my blog? i mean, my blog is not interesting at all and somehow may be a lil bit boring and lame and whatever! 

conclusion: i didn't try my very best to work this out after all.

Monday, June 17, 2013