Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glad that i'm back, huh?

helllllll----ooooo guys!
It's been along time i didn't update my blog. cause i'm having an exam last month.
hmm...pretty busy during the mid-year hols. i like it!
actually i'm kinda sad of being so outdated. Everyone around me is using smartphone or even touch-screen one. i feel like i'm a outsider seriously every time people chatting bout those apps. 
Sigh... when only i could get myself a smartphone? when i'm foolish enough? LOL

Yup, nothing much to talk about. 
wanna share but no proof since I dont have any smart equipment to help me from that case.
well, that is just my stupid excuses...

anyways, who really cares about my blog? i mean, my blog is not interesting at all and somehow may be a lil bit boring and lame and whatever! 

conclusion: i didn't try my very best to work this out after all.

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