Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cold War

sister and i. the best 'partner' forever! nothing can tear us apart. we are close. we sleep, eat, shopping, school, play, together. we even fight and argue sometimes. we almost stick together all the time. almost. she's now form 6 while i'm form 4. she's 18 and i'm 16. we like to see hot guy and hot woman too!

however, we often get angry of each other because of small little things. like today after the school ended. she said her class will be ended at 1.20 but came up at 2.05! and she never inform us before that! we called her phone, but she didn't brought. wth man! and so i've waited her about 50 mins at school.

well, i still remember the time when we argued and never speak to each other just because of some frictions. that was the longest cold war between us! and i believe that we both had a hard time of  living together. not only me but my friends too! i felt so terribly guilty for them.

anyway, we're still get back together after the fight. and my sister has forgive them. i think it's hard to be silence if we are in cold war or outrage. so most of the time i peace with them by borrowing something or asking some stupids questions. cause they are like so important to me, i still want them in my life, creating unforgettable memories with me, light up my world...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Black and White

Do you like piano? Yes, i do. before this, i didn't like much about it cause it's way too "simple" like 6 over 10 people are learning it. my friend who sitting next to me is in love with it. she's now grade 8. Awesome, right? right before my tuition, we went to backstage and practice with a harmonica learner. but! mind my words! i didn't played anything, i just sat beside her and helped her turning the pages. that's all!

since today was a rainy day and windy, we enjoyed the once-a-fortnight heavy rain by have a walk at the school. plus taking our lunch. honestly, i was fungry while accompanying my friend but the melody is just too relaxing and intoxicated! gosh! i wish i knew piano.

here's some good news! my school will be ended at 12.35pm tomorrow due to a meeting. and and and! Monday is our school holiday!!! and so i dont have to go for school for three days!!! but for me, that's quite bad. cause students are getting their results the day before monday including me! urgh! i hate knowing my shitty results! my results are bad enough compare to others. what i really mean is DAMN BAD!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Insta-It!

I'm a milk-tea lover. I love to drink milk tea since chatime was arrived to malaysia. I seldom drink it because it's no good for us, ladies especially during menstruation time. we can now see milk tea everywhere we go, shopping complex, street, pasar malam and so on! we sometimes enjoy it when we're thirstea! besides that, we also drink it while shopping. haha!

and guess what, chatime is having a contest from 18th of June to 1st of July! take a look at these.
 The "Strawberry Insta-It!" contest is begins. So picture down things that reminds you about strawberry with your smartphone and have fun with Instagram App. *terms and conditioners apply

btw, i'm taking part in this contest also. i've snapped some photos that reminds me of strawberry...

hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for your support! i mean, thanks you guys for take a look at my blog! thanks lot! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012


hate my stupid phone so much! it is useless! i don't know what the hell is wrong with it! i just can't get my phone! it formatted everything from the memory card, now, it can't connect to my computer. wtf! i need a new phone! i decided to leave it like that, no pictures, no musics, no videos! cause i know i born without a phone yet i'm still alive if my phone was lousy enough. 

gotta work on harder to earn money. my favourite bands' are coming to malaysia soon plus they are having their concert here!!! i'm so excited although it's still got 3 or 4 months to go. i'm going anyway. i'm not gonna regret anymore i tell you! i won't missed it again after once. hoho! fine, just simply telling you that i'm broke and i need a part-time job to buy their tickets. lolll 

last, i'm in love with "inu x boku ss" this lately. it has only 12 episodes. i watched all within a day till i forgot to do what my mom ask me to. and then get scolded by her after came back from work. sigh... so sorry. i just can't resist myself from watching them even though i don't really get what they've said. 

it's about time! gotta go! meet you there. don't do something that will catch up with you in the future. so, do what you like with no fear!


Thursday, June 21, 2012


first tuition ever!
to be honest, i never been for tuition. cause i'm lazy and it's quite troublesome for me. but it was fun! and the teacher was like too rush, and i couldn't get it. but at lease i've learnt something today. planned of not going to school today because of menstruation pain, but i try to tahan it to avoid skipping the tuition AGAIN. the add-math tuition started and ended up pretty late. like 4.30 to 6.15. lollll. obviously, i have to stay back till 4 something at school. and so my friends and i decided to go to avenue for our lunch since today was yiwen's birthday. we surprised her with a home-made chocolate cake, a bunch of friends, a birthday song and of course PRESENTS! she's so naive that she believed what her friends lie to her before her day. after that, we headed back to school with our huge stomach! then, they off to counseling room while i was in the library studying bio and novel. but slept halfway. lolll. 

it's already 1am. so gotta sleep! g'night!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chatime, Kajang

 the opening of chatime kajang was truly exciting today! the branch in kajang had long queue as well and it starts even before the stall opens! 

i chosen to tapao back instaed of having there cause it was too crowded. but i'll drink it in there next time, promise myself. their decoration is unique and warm but i prefer sri petaling ones. llooolll!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Black Bird!

ohhhh no! i'm addicted to comic! i've been reading Black Bird for these couple days...

the characters are super handsome!
what a sweet couple!
  one of my favorite pictures

you all should check this out! i used to read them in a comic shop but now i've become smarter, i read it on internet. so don't need to waste so much money on it. cause i'm nearly broke! haha! in fact, i convince my sister to get me the books instead of using my own money since she's working. gosh! i can't help myself! i'm too genius for that!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Any man can be a FATHER, but it takes a special person to be called DAD. So, to all fathers. Today, we extend to all of you our sincerest salutations! 

 daddy, i may find my prince someday, but you will always be my king, always! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm addicted to an app like instagram called GifBoom lately. It is fun and awesome! i can't find a way to stop myself from taking photos! Well, GifBoom is an animated GIF camera. It's now available on the App Store and Google Play. With GifBoom, it's easier to share your life in motion through a series of moving pictures. Simply take a video, add some effects, and express yourself in the moment. and it's free to download!

here's some Gif of mine. let's see...

walking iPhone?
yup, my sister and I.
my first GIF

first, download the GifBoom app in the App Store from any IOS device. After finish installing, tap sign up to begin creating your GifBoom account. Once you've registered, you are ready to start using it.

Post your first GIF and customize it with some special effects, static and animated frames to make your GIF more special. Next, don't forget to write a comment for your GIF before published it! Then, GifBoom will take you to your Feed where you'll see your newly published GIF. You can also share it to twitter, facebook or tumblr too!

come on and stop hesitating! wow your friends with your cool animated photos! Any question please visit Have fun!


school is so boring. i get so bored in class this lately. but i brought my cards to school and play with my friends while teacher is discussing the answer. my friends seem so lost at first, but then after few times of my explanation, they's are getting addicted to it. anyway, that's not the topic. my right hand got cut by sharp thingy when we are on our way to mamak.

that was horrible! please ignored my face.

it was painful. the blood kept bleeding and bleeding. but i'm fine as long as my hand is still here. do you noticed something changed on me? bet you did so. 

and yes, i had a haircut, a REAL haircut. i don't think it suits me though. but my mom says nice...just fine! hair will still growing. when the barber cut my hair like what i asked him to, i was like freezing! my hair went from so long to so short! it was a challenge for me. 

i go for swimming recently, cause i love how peaceful it is when sitting in bottom of the pool. i don't really know how to swim actually but i just splashing water around and do something strange in the pool like screaming and laughing. people can actually heard you. next, i can't swim without my swimming goggles! my goggles was spoiled. urghhh! 

i guess it's time for me to sleep now. so goodnight everyone and have a sweet dreams :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

About exam

just got a few papers today. so far so good. didn't failed any of them. here got something about exam to show you, check it out!

before exam.

during exam.


 yes, this is probably the way we felt when we failed it. haha

i guess this is how we asians looks like when we failed. lollll! i think we're more focus to academic after all.

but i'm 100% sure that i'm gonna failed my chemistry! i dislike chemistry cause it's hard! and i don't even get what the paper is crapping about! people say it's easy to score A for chemi, but only if you memorized the chemical symbols and the periodic table. wtf man! the chemical reactions is not easy as ABC you know! gosh, i like it because of its experiment not their reports or something like that. anyway, i prefer actions more to writing.  

fact: whenever i try to study, i always end up just laying down around doing some random stuff.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


i hate school. 
school sucks! i'd rather volunteer as tribute for the hunger games than go to school. not just for that,things i dislike about school are
1. hours of homework - 2 hours
2. waking up too early - 5.30AM
3. when there's a bunch of tests on the same day - can't get to bed earlier
4. having too much work over vacation - can't relax
5. really boring classes - history
6. unhealthy lunches - fried chicken

and i hate waking up for school too. it's pointless to do so since the teachers don't really know how to teach and the assembly is damn boring.

next, this is what happened during exam...
Do you ever find yourself "freezing up" during exams in this way? i do! and my bed seems so much more comfortable on the days i have to wake up for school. especially on MONDAY. i think most of us students are suffering from blue monday.  

BLUE MONDAY is considered as a depressing day of pseudoscience and humiliation. 

 ohh shit! tomorrow's monday! i wonder why is monday so far from friday, and friday so near to monday? i seriously think that the GOD gave us monday to punish us for what we did over the weekends. sighhh... 

btw, i hate monday. nope. it's SCHOOLDAYS! i'd be very thankful if we'll still have two more weeks of holiday.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's 7 June! Happy Birthday to you and all the best for your PMR. you, don't ever forget about me! try it if you dare! you're gonna pay for it then! i know the 'speech' is quite lame but i'm trying hard not to. nothin to say, just wanted wait until 12AM to say Happy Birthday to a close friend but now it's already 12.45AM. urghhh! i'm late for it! btw, it's your day, so don't waste it but rock and enjoy it! call out all your friends and celebrate together and never forget about your family, too! think i should stop crapping now, it's so embarrassing wishing people like that! >< yet, i don't really think he will be reading this anyway cause he's a 'busy-ness man'.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hello guys! here's a video i wanna share with you! you'll be shocked after watched it! i mean surprised. and love it!

they are Janice and Sonia Lee, also known as“Jayesslee,” are 24-year old twin sisters, born and raised in Sydney, Australia.  Same hair, same face, they are similar in many ways yet once you get to know they, you’ll find that they are different at the same time. Janice is the older twin being of only 10 minutes difference. Both their parents are Korean, so they are able to read, write and speak the language.

i'm madly in love with them especially their voice! it's amazing! they're now released their first ever single, "Officially Missing You" and it its available to purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp. here's the studio version ones so, enjoy and support them by purchasing the song at :  Bandcamp / iTunes

gosh! this is just too GREAT and AWESOMEEE! you should really listen to this!

Find and follow them at Facebook and Twitter. Just to know that a single person was blessed through their music is enough to keep them going!  

Monday, June 4, 2012


off to the garden on Wednesday. Ive been waiting for this so long! and guess what, we went to release stress by yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs at redbox. COOL! we sang like a rockstar lolllll Kelvin sang a hard rock song which i don't know what song is that, and he just scream and yell like hell till the workers peep at us! what a rockstar! even though was 3-hours long but i don't think the time given is enough for us to sing 50 songs. boh bian, everytime we step into karaoke, we won't be coming out easily. here's some pictures taken that day.

a picture with Kelvin
my super abnormal face expression
while having lunch at Din Tai Fung. their xiao long bao tastes good and juicy! i love its xiao long bao!
starbucks! i've been drinking their mocha frappuccino three times a week! Mocha frappucccino is a type Coffee with rich mocha-flavored sauce blended with milk and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream. it tastes just way too NICE, so it's definitely alright with me. cause i seldom been there maybe like once in a lifetimes. lolll
outfit of the day. tops from forever21, red skinny jeans from bangkok and shoes from vans.

ok, guess i have to sleep right now as the time shown is 00.40. hope you guys enjoy it. goodnight. bye.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Girls Camp [ Part 2 ]

oh yes, we sent her a text that night then back to sleep again. [i took a nap before calling her] XD

woke up early in the morning. then started our mission incredible after warm up, breakfast and session. the first mission was the huge red ball thingy. which looks like this ->

next, the second one was the whale watch
no picture
the third one-nitro crossing

fourth mission-leap of faith

fifth one-low ropes course

sixth-obstacle course

seventh-team building

eighth one-campfire

actually, the missions was fun and adventurous. it was like one must complete their mission only able to move on to another. we had to gather all those stuff before the campfire which was the last mission to complete. apparently, our job was to cook milo for a group by candle, matches, branches and leaves. btw, the milo was nice! i like how its tastes! :P

wall climbing
flying fox

after that, we played kayaking and volleyball during the free time. so sad that we can't get to experience the flying fox :( we cant managed to play archery due to the lack of time. since the sun was setting, we headed to our dorm to get bathed after the whole day of sweating. in fact, there got only two toilets right at our dorm so obviously, people will have to wait and queue. well, that was the reason why we were late for our dinner. however, we didn't waste our precious time by doing nothing. we were sitting while singing outside the dorm instead. we act like we dont care although people keep staring at us. how cool! scenery at there was beautiful and breathtaking especially at night! the stars, the moon... peaceful! 
we then had our last supper. honestly, i didn't took my supper for the first and second night, cause i felt full and sleepy. just wanted to lie on my bed afap! lollll! but since that was the last night, i took it without any thoughts. maggie, cake, junk foods... anything! after supper, we went back and had a girls-talk in our lightless dorm. we lightened up our dorm with only a torchlight! well, you can see that the moment was warm and romantic as well as BEAUTIFUL! we all like forming "buddy circles" and chatting+gossip bout stuff that bothering us. In the blink of an eye, it was already 2am. i can actually felt that they were sleepy and tired. and of course, we rushed to our bed without thoughts and in a few minutes, you can clearly hear someone is snoring. i'm serious.  

woke up as usual. took breakfast, pack my stuff and get ready to off! we took some photos before leaving and waved to those instructors. i'm so sorry that something is going wrong with my phone. all those memories, pictures, videos and stuff like that are gone! 4gb's stuff are disappear! WTF! im so cross about that okay! sigh...i lost all of them. pictures are what i care the most. i can't lost them! urghhh! guess i'll hate blackberry forever! while we were on our way to fga, boon and i chatted pretty long. we talked about what we've learnt about perfection and AGC. actually, i miss outbac broga so badly! i wanna spend 2 more days, either. 

Outbac Broga has brightened up my holiday and created such an unforgettable memories for me. and yes, i have gained my experience thru it. are you interested? if you do, what are you waiting for? they are now having promotions with RM55 per pax per night *terms and conditions apply . for more information, please log on to OutbacBroga or call 03-87611076/012-4852506 now for bookings or email to

it's about time! have to sleep. goodnight!