Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cold War

sister and i. the best 'partner' forever! nothing can tear us apart. we are close. we sleep, eat, shopping, school, play, together. we even fight and argue sometimes. we almost stick together all the time. almost. she's now form 6 while i'm form 4. she's 18 and i'm 16. we like to see hot guy and hot woman too!

however, we often get angry of each other because of small little things. like today after the school ended. she said her class will be ended at 1.20 but came up at 2.05! and she never inform us before that! we called her phone, but she didn't brought. wth man! and so i've waited her about 50 mins at school.

well, i still remember the time when we argued and never speak to each other just because of some frictions. that was the longest cold war between us! and i believe that we both had a hard time of  living together. not only me but my friends too! i felt so terribly guilty for them.

anyway, we're still get back together after the fight. and my sister has forgive them. i think it's hard to be silence if we are in cold war or outrage. so most of the time i peace with them by borrowing something or asking some stupids questions. cause they are like so important to me, i still want them in my life, creating unforgettable memories with me, light up my world...

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