Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Girls Camp [ part 1]

headed for a 4days3nights camp during the first week of holidays at OUTBAC BROGA. went on Saturday and came back on Tuesday. it was fun and awesome! *thumbs up* it was an ALL GIRLS CAMP. the camp is about PERFECTION IN CHRIST. but what do you think about PERFECTION? let's check it out!

i would probably felt regret if i didnt took part in it. but i feel proud of myself for being so active and fearless during those days. i've learnt wall climbing, kayak, making a bamboo boat and more although i was wet all the time... well, have to stop crapping now, let me show you some photos.

 gathered at FGA.
 pretty YANHUI.

 unique BOONSIEW.
oh yes, this is EVIA, who left on the second day of the camp! >:( fortunately, i get to took some photos of her. lollll

this is probably how our dorm looks like. we slept in a dorm like 24 people and 12 Double-Decker. i slept above josephine in the first day and beside boonsiew after she+evia were left. yanhui complained bout boon who was kicking her in the middle of the night. but she didnt even kicked me once as i've been overnight with her TWICE. :O idk. maybe she hates her secretly? nah, just kiddin'

PEANUTs! we were playing captain ball and i was the first one who get wet! oh chucks!

 gathered at the basketball court. sporty outfit on us.
 last photo with evia. 

as i said, evia went home after breakfast while jo after the session. so, just left audrey, evia, boon and I in OUR GANG. however, it's quite good for us as we dont need to be wait for the toilet so long. haha! wow, i have to tell you that it was so damn cold in that night!!! luckily i brought my jacket along... hoho! 

last, it was evia's birthday on monday, that means, the third day of camp! however, we can't managed to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at 12.00am because she was sleeping and sick! awww... instead, we did something else.

wanna know what steps we took after that and what we've done during the last two days? well, stay tuned to my blog and follow my twitter! :D

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