Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hello guys! here's a video i wanna share with you! you'll be shocked after watched it! i mean surprised. and love it!

they are Janice and Sonia Lee, also known as“Jayesslee,” are 24-year old twin sisters, born and raised in Sydney, Australia.  Same hair, same face, they are similar in many ways yet once you get to know they, you’ll find that they are different at the same time. Janice is the older twin being of only 10 minutes difference. Both their parents are Korean, so they are able to read, write and speak the language.

i'm madly in love with them especially their voice! it's amazing! they're now released their first ever single, "Officially Missing You" and it its available to purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp. here's the studio version ones so, enjoy and support them by purchasing the song at :  Bandcamp / iTunes

gosh! this is just too GREAT and AWESOMEEE! you should really listen to this!

Find and follow them at Facebook and Twitter. Just to know that a single person was blessed through their music is enough to keep them going!  

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