Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Girls Camp [ Part 2 ]

oh yes, we sent her a text that night then back to sleep again. [i took a nap before calling her] XD

woke up early in the morning. then started our mission incredible after warm up, breakfast and session. the first mission was the huge red ball thingy. which looks like this ->

next, the second one was the whale watch
no picture
the third one-nitro crossing

fourth mission-leap of faith

fifth one-low ropes course

sixth-obstacle course

seventh-team building

eighth one-campfire

actually, the missions was fun and adventurous. it was like one must complete their mission only able to move on to another. we had to gather all those stuff before the campfire which was the last mission to complete. apparently, our job was to cook milo for a group by candle, matches, branches and leaves. btw, the milo was nice! i like how its tastes! :P

wall climbing
flying fox

after that, we played kayaking and volleyball during the free time. so sad that we can't get to experience the flying fox :( we cant managed to play archery due to the lack of time. since the sun was setting, we headed to our dorm to get bathed after the whole day of sweating. in fact, there got only two toilets right at our dorm so obviously, people will have to wait and queue. well, that was the reason why we were late for our dinner. however, we didn't waste our precious time by doing nothing. we were sitting while singing outside the dorm instead. we act like we dont care although people keep staring at us. how cool! scenery at there was beautiful and breathtaking especially at night! the stars, the moon... peaceful! 
we then had our last supper. honestly, i didn't took my supper for the first and second night, cause i felt full and sleepy. just wanted to lie on my bed afap! lollll! but since that was the last night, i took it without any thoughts. maggie, cake, junk foods... anything! after supper, we went back and had a girls-talk in our lightless dorm. we lightened up our dorm with only a torchlight! well, you can see that the moment was warm and romantic as well as BEAUTIFUL! we all like forming "buddy circles" and chatting+gossip bout stuff that bothering us. In the blink of an eye, it was already 2am. i can actually felt that they were sleepy and tired. and of course, we rushed to our bed without thoughts and in a few minutes, you can clearly hear someone is snoring. i'm serious.  

woke up as usual. took breakfast, pack my stuff and get ready to off! we took some photos before leaving and waved to those instructors. i'm so sorry that something is going wrong with my phone. all those memories, pictures, videos and stuff like that are gone! 4gb's stuff are disappear! WTF! im so cross about that okay! sigh...i lost all of them. pictures are what i care the most. i can't lost them! urghhh! guess i'll hate blackberry forever! while we were on our way to fga, boon and i chatted pretty long. we talked about what we've learnt about perfection and AGC. actually, i miss outbac broga so badly! i wanna spend 2 more days, either. 

Outbac Broga has brightened up my holiday and created such an unforgettable memories for me. and yes, i have gained my experience thru it. are you interested? if you do, what are you waiting for? they are now having promotions with RM55 per pax per night *terms and conditions apply . for more information, please log on to OutbacBroga or call 03-87611076/012-4852506 now for bookings or email to

it's about time! have to sleep. goodnight!

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