Sunday, June 10, 2012


i hate school. 
school sucks! i'd rather volunteer as tribute for the hunger games than go to school. not just for that,things i dislike about school are
1. hours of homework - 2 hours
2. waking up too early - 5.30AM
3. when there's a bunch of tests on the same day - can't get to bed earlier
4. having too much work over vacation - can't relax
5. really boring classes - history
6. unhealthy lunches - fried chicken

and i hate waking up for school too. it's pointless to do so since the teachers don't really know how to teach and the assembly is damn boring.

next, this is what happened during exam...
Do you ever find yourself "freezing up" during exams in this way? i do! and my bed seems so much more comfortable on the days i have to wake up for school. especially on MONDAY. i think most of us students are suffering from blue monday.  

BLUE MONDAY is considered as a depressing day of pseudoscience and humiliation. 

 ohh shit! tomorrow's monday! i wonder why is monday so far from friday, and friday so near to monday? i seriously think that the GOD gave us monday to punish us for what we did over the weekends. sighhh... 

btw, i hate monday. nope. it's SCHOOLDAYS! i'd be very thankful if we'll still have two more weeks of holiday.

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