Monday, June 4, 2012


off to the garden on Wednesday. Ive been waiting for this so long! and guess what, we went to release stress by yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs at redbox. COOL! we sang like a rockstar lolllll Kelvin sang a hard rock song which i don't know what song is that, and he just scream and yell like hell till the workers peep at us! what a rockstar! even though was 3-hours long but i don't think the time given is enough for us to sing 50 songs. boh bian, everytime we step into karaoke, we won't be coming out easily. here's some pictures taken that day.

a picture with Kelvin
my super abnormal face expression
while having lunch at Din Tai Fung. their xiao long bao tastes good and juicy! i love its xiao long bao!
starbucks! i've been drinking their mocha frappuccino three times a week! Mocha frappucccino is a type Coffee with rich mocha-flavored sauce blended with milk and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream. it tastes just way too NICE, so it's definitely alright with me. cause i seldom been there maybe like once in a lifetimes. lolll
outfit of the day. tops from forever21, red skinny jeans from bangkok and shoes from vans.

ok, guess i have to sleep right now as the time shown is 00.40. hope you guys enjoy it. goodnight. bye.

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