Thursday, June 14, 2012


school is so boring. i get so bored in class this lately. but i brought my cards to school and play with my friends while teacher is discussing the answer. my friends seem so lost at first, but then after few times of my explanation, they's are getting addicted to it. anyway, that's not the topic. my right hand got cut by sharp thingy when we are on our way to mamak.

that was horrible! please ignored my face.

it was painful. the blood kept bleeding and bleeding. but i'm fine as long as my hand is still here. do you noticed something changed on me? bet you did so. 

and yes, i had a haircut, a REAL haircut. i don't think it suits me though. but my mom says nice...just fine! hair will still growing. when the barber cut my hair like what i asked him to, i was like freezing! my hair went from so long to so short! it was a challenge for me. 

i go for swimming recently, cause i love how peaceful it is when sitting in bottom of the pool. i don't really know how to swim actually but i just splashing water around and do something strange in the pool like screaming and laughing. people can actually heard you. next, i can't swim without my swimming goggles! my goggles was spoiled. urghhh! 

i guess it's time for me to sleep now. so goodnight everyone and have a sweet dreams :)

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