Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Black and White

Do you like piano? Yes, i do. before this, i didn't like much about it cause it's way too "simple" like 6 over 10 people are learning it. my friend who sitting next to me is in love with it. she's now grade 8. Awesome, right? right before my tuition, we went to backstage and practice with a harmonica learner. but! mind my words! i didn't played anything, i just sat beside her and helped her turning the pages. that's all!

since today was a rainy day and windy, we enjoyed the once-a-fortnight heavy rain by have a walk at the school. plus taking our lunch. honestly, i was fungry while accompanying my friend but the melody is just too relaxing and intoxicated! gosh! i wish i knew piano.

here's some good news! my school will be ended at 12.35pm tomorrow due to a meeting. and and and! Monday is our school holiday!!! and so i dont have to go for school for three days!!! but for me, that's quite bad. cause students are getting their results the day before monday including me! urgh! i hate knowing my shitty results! my results are bad enough compare to others. what i really mean is DAMN BAD!

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