Monday, June 11, 2012

About exam

just got a few papers today. so far so good. didn't failed any of them. here got something about exam to show you, check it out!

before exam.

during exam.


 yes, this is probably the way we felt when we failed it. haha

i guess this is how we asians looks like when we failed. lollll! i think we're more focus to academic after all.

but i'm 100% sure that i'm gonna failed my chemistry! i dislike chemistry cause it's hard! and i don't even get what the paper is crapping about! people say it's easy to score A for chemi, but only if you memorized the chemical symbols and the periodic table. wtf man! the chemical reactions is not easy as ABC you know! gosh, i like it because of its experiment not their reports or something like that. anyway, i prefer actions more to writing.  

fact: whenever i try to study, i always end up just laying down around doing some random stuff.

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