Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A-YO! BIG BANG again! boh bian... they're too yeng, can't stop talking about them! reeeeeeal~ly! yesterday, they've relieved their new mv, which named BAD BOY. sounds bad right? haha! girls like bad boy! <3 must watch ahh i tell you! i can guarantee you, that you'll not regret after watching this awesomeee video! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


guess who's them? 
they're BIG BANG!

Big Bang is back with their 5th mini album, title track 'BLUE'!!! go and check it out on YOUTUBE! right here, right now! 

this music video has been viewed over 10 MILLION times in 6 DAYS!!! cool right? i'm kinda like BLUE also... i like the way GD sang in this song. and his HAIRSTYLEEEEE! omg! he's driving me nuts man! 

i can't help myself but SCREAMMMMM! <3 <3 <3


TOP too! their yeng-ness are making me like jelly~ *melting*

i don't like his new hairstyle actually... but quite suits him...haha!

can you recognize him? i almost can't! cause it's a bit like "not funny"... i prefer this>

haha! he's a very funny person! always make me laugh till my tummy ache! and don't judge a book by its cover, you have messed with the wrong person! *angry face expression*

last, with their family photos!

hope you love it. 

i'm singing my blueee...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

come onnnn!

a REAL BROWNIE from boon! tasty and yummeh! <3

do i look ok with this kind of hair style?

hah! ferrero rocher this time. 

^ take a look at me! i'm so perasan! oh no! tak boleh tahan ni! ^

to be honest, i'm so easy to get hungry these few days for no reasons. all i know is that i keep eating eating and EATING! non-stop! i was like chewing something in my mouth every hour in my class. my friends saw it also. and they asked me " why you keep eating in class? what if teacher asks you some questions? " or " sammi! stop eating! pay attention! teacher's teaching! don't blame teacher if she dimerit you ah" . omgggg! i just can't stand the hungriness! #saveme i asked my friends the same question too. and they agreed! they told me they're facing the same problem like me! oh, i thought i'm the only one who suffering. but no. i'm not. obviouslyyyy! 

arghhh! have to quit fooling around. exam's around the corner. however, i haven't even touch my books except for BIO. i'm so glad that our bio teacher gave us some tips so we don't have to be over stress. haha! CHILL OUT! let me share you some jokes. nah, here comes, "I advise everyone to change their passwords to "Incorrect". If you ever forget, your computer itself will tell "your password is Incorrect". and this, Teacher : "Why are you talking during my lesson?" Students: "Why are you teaching during my conversation?!" last one, " *wakes up in the middle of the night* Please dont be 6 am. * 1:04 am * Thank God!!!!!” #best

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the mad day everrr!

why do people think it's okay for them to do horrible things as long as they apologize after? i wonder WHY?! not because i'm weak, it's because they're too overly for being such an idiot, trying to make one piss off or CRY.  since i started to hate them, they are considered as a MONKEY in my list. hope you're understand that i laughed was because of your silliness and naive-ness. it didn't means i'm forgiving you. mr. know it all!

I don't have a short temper, I just have a low tolerance for BS. opps! wait a minute! I don't hate you, I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence. and You make me wish I had more middle fingers.

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound (Madilyn Bailey acousti...

try to play it! superrrr NICE i tell you! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Direction!

ONE DIRECTION [love these 5 retards]

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson

Niall Horan [his blue eyes deep like a sea]

Harry Styles [love his playfulness]

as you know, they are ONE DIRECTION!!! hell yesss, they are my new favourite group singer! they're super duper CUTEEEE and HANDSOMEEEE like what you SAW. omgggg! i can't stop myself to love them man! plus, you should really listen to their songs. TOTALLY AWESOMEEE you know! thought of buying their album when i got ENOUGH $$... and of course, their peripheral products. 

in addition, i love the way they wore! that's just too CUTEEE! guys don't do it here in kl. honestly, i don't like men who wear too formal instead of THAT. ladies love active men but not COOL. i need a strong active guy that is willing to look out for me and willing to do more of the heavy work than he might normally and be able to move me just in case. haha!

how good would it be if one of them is my friend or BF or even FUTURE HUSBAND??? haha! i think i'm over-thinking. well, just stop talking and continue my dream in 1-Derland.

Monday, February 13, 2012

David After Dentist

"Is this going to be forever? why is this happening to me? "

this is what his father took after an extraction.
he was like so confused and blur... well, i think he just can't fully control himself after taking the narcotic.

Fred on Christmas

this is so hilarious! just watch it!
he was like 16 that time.
and he's so gorgeous!!!
his voice sounds funny. LOL

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cheaters, Liars, Actors??

should i support them?
i really don't know
until i watched this video...
you guys should check this out.

it really surprised me
i think you'll do too
well, hopefully messi won't be part of them
i mean, a cheater.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm a big big liar! Be aware!

An untrue, absurd, ridiculous and bad liar who I am. Sometimes I hate my parents so much, cause they won't be telling me an actual date and day. Like what we have planned. For example, when we went for vacation or whatever, they'll just simply tell a month. However, nothing comes up. Or like NOW. telling me will pindah next week, but when I asked them once more, they told me next next week. I was like what the hack is going on? I've already told the world that I'm shifting next week! Shit! I can called myself the best liar in the world. Damn pro! Look, my friends are gonna kill me or won't be bothering me anymore. HOW?! And I can very sure they would ask when are you leaving actually? Can you confirm with me? Just give me a date and a day RIGHT NOW! And... NO LYING! But what can I do? I'm only the victim you know? I just told them what my parents told me. Sighh... So hard to be alive. Don't know how to survive after that. Hope they won't angry or throw bottles at me. Cause I've been letting them down like 3 or 4 times by telling them when i'm pindah with an unsure date. All I can say is, SORRY peeps! Last but not lease, don't ever trust or believe me. I'm not a good girl like you thought.

Friday, February 3, 2012


1 早上被闹钟吵醒,说明还活着。

2 不得不从被窝里爬起来上班,说明没有失业。

3 收到一些短讯,搓搓麻将吃饭聚聚,说明还有朋友想念你。

4 上司的话十分刺耳,说明老板还在关注我。

5 衣服越来越紧,说明吃得还算营养。

6 很想休息但没被批准,说明还有一定的位置离不开你。


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time will tell...


i'll find someone better than you.
and give my heart and soul for him.
re cherche.

Sigh... Promise myself to stop bother him. But I just can't do it! It's so hard! When we chat, I'm always the last person to reply. That's so hurt! I feel like crying everytime. I tried so harddd to ignore him. However, i cant stop myself to do that, maybe I'm just too weak to avoid him. Although i loved him, he never quite loved me in the way i liked to be loved. Maybe my expectations are too high or maybe he can't love me like I want. I have to love myself more and that is what I am going to do right now. I will look for someone who will treat me better, appreciate me better and care for me as much as I care for him. Otherwise, I don't think that it is worth wasting too much time or heartache over something or someone who is not going to treat me right for the rest of my life if that is the way he is.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


O.M.G! I just can't believe what i've done just now! Urgghhhh! I shouldn't edited my phone book! Look, now i mess things up! ahhhh! My hands are just too itchy. have to punish them not to touch the phone for two hours! TWO? Is it enough for that? NO! 3 is better. okayyy! I've already settled down, so, no worries! Oh yeah~ But wait...WAIT! What am i supposed to do if the 'people' call me? What excuses should i give? uhhhh... thinkthinkthink... oh YESSS! i got it! But i'm not telling you. LOL! that's how i'm being a JOKER??? Fine, IDK. just let it be. ^.^*