Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm a big big liar! Be aware!

An untrue, absurd, ridiculous and bad liar who I am. Sometimes I hate my parents so much, cause they won't be telling me an actual date and day. Like what we have planned. For example, when we went for vacation or whatever, they'll just simply tell a month. However, nothing comes up. Or like NOW. telling me will pindah next week, but when I asked them once more, they told me next next week. I was like what the hack is going on? I've already told the world that I'm shifting next week! Shit! I can called myself the best liar in the world. Damn pro! Look, my friends are gonna kill me or won't be bothering me anymore. HOW?! And I can very sure they would ask when are you leaving actually? Can you confirm with me? Just give me a date and a day RIGHT NOW! And... NO LYING! But what can I do? I'm only the victim you know? I just told them what my parents told me. Sighh... So hard to be alive. Don't know how to survive after that. Hope they won't angry or throw bottles at me. Cause I've been letting them down like 3 or 4 times by telling them when i'm pindah with an unsure date. All I can say is, SORRY peeps! Last but not lease, don't ever trust or believe me. I'm not a good girl like you thought.

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