Tuesday, February 28, 2012


guess who's them? 
they're BIG BANG!

Big Bang is back with their 5th mini album, title track 'BLUE'!!! go and check it out on YOUTUBE! right here, right now! 

this music video has been viewed over 10 MILLION times in 6 DAYS!!! cool right? i'm kinda like BLUE also... i like the way GD sang in this song. and his HAIRSTYLEEEEE! omg! he's driving me nuts man! 

i can't help myself but SCREAMMMMM! <3 <3 <3


TOP too! their yeng-ness are making me like jelly~ *melting*

i don't like his new hairstyle actually... but quite suits him...haha!

can you recognize him? i almost can't! cause it's a bit like "not funny"... i prefer this>

haha! he's a very funny person! always make me laugh till my tummy ache! and don't judge a book by its cover, you have messed with the wrong person! *angry face expression*

last, with their family photos!

hope you love it. 

i'm singing my blueee...

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