Thursday, February 23, 2012

come onnnn!

a REAL BROWNIE from boon! tasty and yummeh! <3

do i look ok with this kind of hair style?

hah! ferrero rocher this time. 

^ take a look at me! i'm so perasan! oh no! tak boleh tahan ni! ^

to be honest, i'm so easy to get hungry these few days for no reasons. all i know is that i keep eating eating and EATING! non-stop! i was like chewing something in my mouth every hour in my class. my friends saw it also. and they asked me " why you keep eating in class? what if teacher asks you some questions? " or " sammi! stop eating! pay attention! teacher's teaching! don't blame teacher if she dimerit you ah" . omgggg! i just can't stand the hungriness! #saveme i asked my friends the same question too. and they agreed! they told me they're facing the same problem like me! oh, i thought i'm the only one who suffering. but no. i'm not. obviouslyyyy! 

arghhh! have to quit fooling around. exam's around the corner. however, i haven't even touch my books except for BIO. i'm so glad that our bio teacher gave us some tips so we don't have to be over stress. haha! CHILL OUT! let me share you some jokes. nah, here comes, "I advise everyone to change their passwords to "Incorrect". If you ever forget, your computer itself will tell "your password is Incorrect". and this, Teacher : "Why are you talking during my lesson?" Students: "Why are you teaching during my conversation?!" last one, " *wakes up in the middle of the night* Please dont be 6 am. * 1:04 am * Thank God!!!!!” #best

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