Thursday, June 21, 2012


first tuition ever!
to be honest, i never been for tuition. cause i'm lazy and it's quite troublesome for me. but it was fun! and the teacher was like too rush, and i couldn't get it. but at lease i've learnt something today. planned of not going to school today because of menstruation pain, but i try to tahan it to avoid skipping the tuition AGAIN. the add-math tuition started and ended up pretty late. like 4.30 to 6.15. lollll. obviously, i have to stay back till 4 something at school. and so my friends and i decided to go to avenue for our lunch since today was yiwen's birthday. we surprised her with a home-made chocolate cake, a bunch of friends, a birthday song and of course PRESENTS! she's so naive that she believed what her friends lie to her before her day. after that, we headed back to school with our huge stomach! then, they off to counseling room while i was in the library studying bio and novel. but slept halfway. lolll. 

it's already 1am. so gotta sleep! g'night!

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