Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday was pretty busy. not only yesterday, but EVERYDAY! i've got no idea why the fuck i'm so busy! I won't done my homework at home recently. just copy from my friends and keep sleeping at school. ya..you know why...

oh yes! Had my brunch with family at i-canton where located at mid valley on Sunday. Honestly, I've been there for a few times. cause they serve NICE Hong Kong foods. people who has been to HK before must've known about their 'wan tan mee' right? HK's 'wan tan mee' is damn nice! their noodles are different, even "QQ" than others.

 I ordered a ginkgo fuzhu barley dessert. I was pretty full that time cause I straight away went to Mid Valley after i got home from tuition. By that time, I'd already eaten two bowls of fried noodles. 

While my sister ordered a Fish ball Wan Tan Mee (soup). it tasted really good! this was the second time we ordered this!

Daddy Loo ordered pork wan tan mee (dry). 

Well, the portion is quite big. so you can chose to share when you don't feel that hungry. and the price is reasonable. Try it if you never been to HK before. you can taste the real HK's wan tan mee right there!

And of course, we off to Sticky to check it out. The staffs are friendly, they gave us a long long candy to try. NICE RIGHT! 

 it was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY candy! :D I is a happy kid!

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