Monday, February 4, 2013


It's rainy day. Quite boring at school.
Friends were absent and felt very very sleepy.
I think was due to the dark and cold weather. DAMN!
I felt so lazy as well. But not after the school okay!

Students always fell asleep in class but they practically don't feel the same after the school.
Guess everybody do feel so. not only me gua....
I've been pretty busy these couple of days due to CNY.
Gotta skip school for 3 days. oh yeah!!! 10 days off!
I might gained some weight after CNY. cause Penang is definitely considered as a food paradise.
I'm totally in love with Penang foods. Penang foods' the best!!!!
Now i don't really get excited about the coming of CNY.
Cause i don't have NEW CLOTHES! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????????
No one sponsor me....sad case! FINEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'll buuy lots of clothes when i am a grown-up. i mean, after 17!
gonna work hard to earn lots!!!

don't forget:
If you can dream dream it, you can do it! :D

Lastly, present you a funny image.

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