Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy Birthday to you, lil kid!!!

Ok. my angpao is getting fewer...Not goin anywhere this CNY.
Kinda busy these few weeks. Things are getting more complicated. Hard to explain!
Was busy doin my tee before CNY.
Busy eating during CNY.
Busy online-ing after CNY. lolllll
Not saying that i couldn't on in penang. But i was too busy to play with the kids. im a Kids-lover.
Still i have to continue my design and guitar after the long break. Exercises too!
i'm getting fatter and fatter...

Meanwhile, i'm kind of excited of going back to school.
Cause we are going to have a 'operation' for our BIOLOGY. ikr!
Omg i just can't wait the time to come!!! it would be my first-time-ever to dissectione a FROG!!!
Wonder if teacher would allow me to picture or video them....
But i'm pretty sad that the operation only goes for 1hour 15 mins....sad case...
wish i could have longer time to do the 'research' on a froggie.

However, it can also be bad when the school reopen.
it means we need to face numerous exams and tests after that. sighh.....
How can the time flies so fastttttt?!!

I will try my best to face it anyway.
And you should too!!!

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