Saturday, January 12, 2013


I'm searching for a Saving Account for myself. And idk which to chose.
It's kinda headache right now.
I dont have a saving account actually. So, i don't SAVE.
I think most of the teenager in my age actually face this problem and feeling lost.

i believe this problem often bother you. cause i do!
I'm broke currently. so I don't go out much, better stay at home.
If i do take shopping, i usually dont buy. (window-shopping) I just EAT. haha!
Or IF you really got no money AT ALL. just go and get free drinks and foods from jusco or carrefour. cause i did this all the time when i'm starving. SAVE MONEY.

Don't let money controls us. We must learn how to control our money before it's too late.
I mean, you can't live without money,  every single person NEEDS money to live.
SAVE NOW so you can go travel when you're retired, do anything you want, and of course ENJOY as well! Plus, lots of banks provide save-more accounts or saving goal tool for teenagers like us. it can helps you create, monitor plus and share your savings goals with friends and family too! 


tips for teenagers: if you wanna buy clothes, chose a suitable time like year-end-sales or mid-year-sales. it probably will helps you to save more, trust me! but don't get blinded by those discounted item! sometimes it cheats you! 

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  1. Hi there!
    Excuse me, did you make the "shut up and take my human" meme? I think it's great, really! It fits the theme of the post beautifully! Is there any chance I can use it on my blog quoting you as my source?

    Thanks in advance!