Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To parents: Read it please

Kinda busy these couples of days due to school reopen.
Tuition, SPM, projects, oral, homework... all crap! Especially tuition!
Still can't decide which tuition center to go. super headache ahhh!
plus, i'm a lazy person. I don't like studying. I don't like pure science, add-math and sej.
They're extremely annoying! 

Everybody hopes to score a good results at SPM. cause it's important to our future. 
But I'm sure that most of you are taking the subs which you don't really interested in. 
Like me, I love art but science, add-math.
Moreover, lots of people don't know what's their ambition or what they WANT TO BE in the future.
That feeling is kinda SHITTY. cause we always have to follow what grown-ups/parents want us to do. That is fucking NOT RIGHT!!

To parents of the entire world: How to help kids to choose their future
Most of the time it is parents who decide for their kids, at least that was how it use to be in old times. Hence in such families things get a bit dirty and kids are left alone to decide and fend for themselves.

Does parents get the right to choose their child's future

A parent definitely gets the right to choose not entirely but to a limit as they always want the best things to happen to their children. Parents have experiences and they just want to guide their child to a correct path. This is because they want their kids to get hurt with wrong career decisions. Hence parents should definitely play a part of deciding factor in their child's future.

Children be allowed the freedom to choose their own future

Parents should definitely allow kids to make their own career choices. When parents want to be deciding factor in their child's future, they too should respect their child's interest and dreams. Kids need to follow their dreams to feel happy and confident in life.

Don't force your decisions on children

Since you would hate to see your kid ending up to the same old 9 to 5 job or back breaking research job, does not mean that you force your decisions on your child Allow your child the freedom of choosing his future by just being there for him but don't force yourself on him.

Make your child's failures his strength

This is definitely helpful, when a child decides to choose a career path which is his own decision and some or the other way fails then it is not the time to criticize him in any way but to help him understand the reasons for what went wrong.

Okay, i know most of you are not reading it. maybe just roughly scan it. Well, you don't really needa read them all. I've bold-ed the points for you so you just read the BOLD-ED worlds instead. 

That's what i found on web. So hope parents-in-the-world could understand how we actually felt when you force us to be what you want us to be. 

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