Thursday, January 17, 2013


I've got no idea what to blog actually.
Had a calligraphy competition yesterday.
I think I did a good job. Most prob can get 4th place...lollll
Plus, I was in a good mood today. cause every students could get RM100 from government. 
Moreover, we dont have any class during the last 4 periods. #ifeelsogood
So we can just do what we want! like smell the cash?? wtf

Head for tuition after school. As usual, we kinda dilemma of what should we eat before the class started.
So.....after having a discussion.... the conclusion was out.
We decided to eat a bread and a cup of Ochado!
This could be my substantial-est meal ever! lollll
And i don't feel any sleepiness during the class.
Sighh....few more weeks to go and i'll quit for the bio class.
Well, i feel kinda guilty. because i just been to the class for not more than half year. damn!
I've been working out a tutorial video. will be pretty busy these couple of days.
i think it's time for me to leave. tata!

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