Tuesday, January 29, 2013


HELLO! Holidays are over. back to school again!
I was pretty lazy today. cause those classes are dead. ain't fun!

Needa wake up early and study half day. But today different!
Cause we are having photography session today!!!
Sighh... i thought they were going to inform us first few days before the photoshoot.
But SHIT! they NEVER! I was thinking

First thing i worried the most was my HAIR!!! and i didn't brought my SPECS!!
How?! I definitely look very ugly in there!
My hair was a mess! my eyes are small! what makes me lol was my HEIGHT!
DAMN! I"M THE SHORTEST ONE IN MY CLASS! yerrrrr! this fact hurts me so bad!!!!
Fact accepted anyway! haha! People wont see it until it's October :D yay!

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