Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last day of school!

hmmm... i wonder why we don't have Halloween party here? 
To be honest, i loveeeeee SPOOKY stuff and of course HALLOWEEN!
Ive been wanting to say ' trick or treat' by knocking people's door with a CREEPY SUIT...
sounds fun right?
watching all those kids spending their HALLOWEEN in the movie making me so jealous!
I wish i can held a Halloween Party someday...

Oh ya, celebrated the last day of school and exam with friends yesterday at the Mines.
We planned to go search for jobs but end up watching Frankenweenie...
Haha...I'm jobless now!!!
My sister are searching jobs for me, but she keeps forcing me to do this do that...
i mean not 'force' but talking with a way of like threatening.
Hell! If i'm not doing, she definitely scold me again!

Btw, Thanks auntie for showing us the way to KTM by drawing! Thanks so much!
Still, it was pouring yesterday! VERY HEAVY!
Huge wind+Lightning+Thunder=COLD AND BAD WEATHER
We were like giggling and trembling at the bus stop!
Luckily a taxi driver stopped in front of us!
We hesitated for few minutes before taking it because we thought the bus was coming soon.
However, the rain was too heavy and we can't stand it anymore...
We went thru so many things yesterday! really! and it was fun!
I had a great day with them although it was rainy day!
Thank you all!

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