Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm not feeling happy right now.
So im gonna do a short update today.
Guess everybody hates me when I'm fuming.
Seriously. don't get near me when I'm mad.
My anger and silence can kill you straight away! lollll!

Well, my life have been busy this few weeks.
Because i go out for shopping like everyday!
Going out somewhere is definitely not a good thing for me
As i have to try and mix-and-match different outfit EVERYDAY!
It just make my head aches!

here's my outfit of the week...

Hell yea, i got nothing much to tell.
I'm just crapping... wtf!
Hope you all like it.
Actually i think most of them are the SAME.

Guess it's all i have to share today. 
So sorry for the very short update guys! :D

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