Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello! How are you doing?
Quite busy these few days as my friend who came long way from Singapore is spending a week here.
It's pretty headache when you don't know where to bring them to.
So, we just walk, watch film, buy, sing, play and eat eat eat!
We headed to Pavilion that day.
I don't know what to eat and so just simply ordered Cheese Pizza at Pizza Hut.
Since people say the 7 cheese pizza thingy is nice...
We ordered beef & cheese pizza. 
It tasted bad to me, i mean not ALL of them were bad.
In fact, the white-ball thingy was way too salty.
I think they should taste it before it was served. 
Anyway, we left two slices there. Because we were full! You know, cheese make you feel full easily.
And then we off to theater to watch "Cold War".
It was amazing!!! trust me!
Although it was pretty confusing, but it worth to watch.
I bet you'll probably know what they were talking about like maybe 70% at the end. lollll!

Something i don't really understand is why parents always ask what to eat but they'll buy you the different stuff you've said! 
It's like just wasting your saliva answering their stupid question!
I mean, if they have the thoughts of going somewhere else or eating something else, STOP ASKING US NO MORE! 
okay, perhaps you don't get what i mean, but just read roughly.
OR you can chose not to read it. just pass it and look what i wore. :D
Outer from SEED, Paul short tee from StyleMeBK, shorts from BKK.

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