Monday, December 3, 2012


Finally have some time to update my blog.
there's many things i wish for. COUNTLESS.
since im jobless during this holiday, i got no money.
Plus, i take shopping almost everyday, how can i never buy A thing?
But believe it or not, I do!
I just bought two stuff in last month.
Oh yea, I headed to penang last saturday in the morning.
I ate many stuff in there.
I can feel that my stomach was gonna burst!
It's been a while i didn't back to penang.
And this was why I keep forcing myself to eat ALL i want!
I don't wanna felt regret after that.
And now im fat!
Penang is definitely considered as a FOOD PARADISE.
And it is my second home!
Unfortunately i just stay there for 2 days. That's obviously can't full-filled my wants.

Okay, here's another short update from me.
Hope you hate me for being that bored! lolllll!

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