Monday, December 17, 2012

Naughty or Nice: part 1

"Naughty or Nice'' would be my brand if I became a designer...lolll

Two more weeks to go till the school reopen. I don't really like this feeling. I haven't get myself ready to face the most important exam yet! Plus I just can't get enough! Sigh... Won't be able to blog like this next year. Cause you know, homework, exams, revision, stress.....

SOOOO! I decided to do what i wanted to do during this short period. Like designing or DIY. i just love them! DIY is a best and smart way to save money and improve the appearance and usage of a thing. As I said before, I'm broke and jobless, so i decided to DIY my old Tee into a brand new SWAGGIE SLEEVELESS TOPS. let's check it out!

 First, trace or sketch the stuff you wanted to be on the tee on a piece of hardboard. Hardboard is harder compare to paper, so it will stay still on the tee, make the painting step goes easier.
(was my first-time-ever. So i used paper. still dont get the steps! just do it roughly :/)

 Second, cut the inner stuff out. then place the hardboard on the tee by using cellophane tape.
(stick the cellophane beside the cardboard)

Third, paint it using a brush with the paint that impermeable. 
(I painted it with wall-paint :( no choice.)

 Here's the result! does it look nice or swag??

 Next, cut the sleeves out using scissor. 

okay! sleeveless 'naught or nice' is done :D

I hate this bling bling "club"! i can't remove it! it's an eyesore and it's ruining the swagness of the tee!

Btw, I spent 4 hours to finish them. It was pretty fun and awesome experience. Most of the time i spent is on the painting side. I used paper instead of hardboard so the paper moved away and the words became like shit, so messy! I got no brush at first, and so i used cotton buds instead. i'm so smart lehhh! boh bian, leos are intelligent. lollll

If you do think it being too PLAIN, you can stay tune to my next post. I'll be adding some stuff onto it to make it more 'classy and swag' :)