Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, lil bro!

Happy Birthday, Vine!
Hell yeah his my bro!
Last "party" before doomsday??
well i guess not.
Cause the day is just same as usual. No any differences.
Kinda curious how does doomsday looks like... NO SUN? SNOW IN MALAYSIA?
Sighh... I don't give a damn bout it as long as i die with my love ones.
I think most of the people are excited bout 21.12.12, aren't they?
#endoftheworld is trending on twitter and facebook. lollll
I don't wanna die so soon actually.
I've got lots of things i wanna try on.
I gotta chase my dreams!
I wanna love and play hard!

Anyway, I'm here just to update my dead blog.
And, to my bro, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!
see! I've dedicated a post for you! You are the one who should thank me!

I'll find what I am looking for someday, wait and see! #leos

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