Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last major numerical date.

nothing happened this few days.
just wanna share what ive done on 12.12.12.

12.12.12. Last major numerical date in this century.
So how am i gonna make this a memorable day?
I would start to learn guitar, do something ive never done before and of course, full schedule.
Learning guitar is definitely not easy as ABC.
I realized that they're more complicated than piano or drum.
You have to use your force and be able to react quick while changing the chords.
I have short fingers which make it even hard for me to handle.
Tip of my left fingers are pain like hell and i think they swell.
I wanted to strum a guitar like any other players do since i was 14.
I wish i could sing and strum good someday but i dont have a guitar.
So, someone gave it to me when she doesnt play it anymore.
I was super duper happy that time!
Thanks her for the guitar, or else i wouldn't have the chance to strum a guitar NICELY. :D

although the guitar is old and pretty cheap, but it still sound good plus someone changed the strings for me.
( he strummed to hard or i can say, the strings were TOO OLD. and then it broken.)

afterwards, i hit the gym in the evening to kill the time.
moreover, that was the first time i went to gym during this long long holiday! surprised huh?
that's why ive gained some weight!
my face is getting rounder and rounder somehow. lolll

well, my dad asked me to wash our bicycle that night.
guess what. that was my first time  washing MY bicycle! ( i think lah...maybe ive done it before) 
It was fun though. :)
But that time was too dark. can barely see the dirtiness cause we didnt switch on the light.
so wash in the dark! wu-hoo!

I have my 12.12.12 with all those stuff i've 'never' done. So what's yours? (half-half)