Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Naughty or Nice: Part 2

Hey, guys! welcome to my blog again! Now, this is the part 2 of the "Naughty or Nice-DIY". Let's see what i've done!

 Decorate my DIY tops with studs! i love studs! 

 How does it looks like? Naughty or nice enough???

 Dark denim from F21. Super cheap i tell you!!!

I'm a studs lover. they are addictive! Things with studs are what i like the most. I know i'm not a ROCKER or SWAGGER, but i can't resist their swagness!

Those studs were bought at Fahrenheit if i'm not mistaken. Cause my sister bought it for me. What i know is a pack of THAT golden studs (20 pieces) costs RM10. Pretty expensive right? One studs costs like 50 cents lehh! However, it is affordable to me. You have to sew this yourself so it won't falls that easy.  Because some studs aren't strong enough. they just "grab" on clothes with their "legs". I mean it will be lost or dropped very easily.

So, think twice before buying something although we may lost our mind when sales are on! lollll

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