Saturday, December 15, 2012

okay. gonna post bout one of my favourite skin products' brand. let's see what is it...

It's NEUTROGENA!!! they are from hydro boost family! lollll

"The number one dermatologist-recommended brand for skincare, Neutrogena began in 1930 as a small specialty cosmetic company in Los Angeles, California. After successfully marketing a mild, clear soap that rinsed quickly and easily without leaving any residue, the company went further to establish an important relationship between Neutrogena and dermatologists, giving it an exceptional competitive advantage. Today, Neutrogena continues its tradition of excellence with a wide range of safe, mild, and premium quality skincare and haircare products under the banner of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies."

First, it's water gel moisturizer.

Ive been using this for quite sometime. And the results are good! i mean it dont cost you much and moisturize your skin as well! so why dont you give a try?

With innovative "Progressive Release System", Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel replenishes and retains water all day long. Its refreshing gel formula with purified Hyaluronic acid and olive extract continuosly releases moisture, making it available to dry skin cells for soft. 

Moreover, it's a excellent make up base which keep your make-up in place. next, light-weight and non-greasy. I feel like nothing after applying them though only feel the stickiness when i touch it. Plus no breakouts when using it.

so here's how it looks like.

After applying water gel :) i dont think got any differences... maybe my camera skills are not pro enough.>< 

Now, the next one.
the Neutrogena night concentrate!

The world know i'm a lazy person. I always find myself some excuses to the things i dont feel like doing. I always tell myself to put on mask at lease twice a week. But i just ignored it. too lazy :(  that's why my skin getting drier and wrinkles start appearing on my face! And so i need a skin care product which can helps to hydrate my skin. And tadaaaa! It's Neutrogena's night concentrate! :D especially for those wonder women who always been busy for their life, you could consider to buy it! like me, I seldom stay under air-conditioned room, so, hydration is probably the first condition for me when selecting my skin care products.

Neutrogena Night Concentrate specially formulated with Neutrogena's smart Progressive Release System, which actively seeks out dry skin cells to replenish moisture in them throughout the night. As skin cells renew night, the Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Extract and Ionic Mineral Complex help to make the most out of the cell regenerating process, therefore boost skin's renewal capacity so that you wake up to amazingly hydrated, soft and supple skin in the morning.

And most importantly, it is:
-and dermatologist-tested

Well, it has a gel texture that won't clog the pores and the blue particles will dissolve as you gently message it on skin.

How to use: Before sleep, message evenly over the face and neck after moisturizer and rinse off in the next morning. Recommended to be used twice a week, although also suitable for daily use.

nah, moistful and it brighten up my face! ^^
 my face condition in the next morning. :D
 close up! pretty no idea how to zoom in. once i zoomed in, the picture became blur. wth!

I highly recommended you these HYDRO BOOST products that will make you skin MOISTFULLLL and affordable. So hope you guys like it! enjoy! dont forget to grab it at any stores like guardian, watson....!
I love Neutrogena. I love Hydro Boost series!

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