Sunday, December 23, 2012

Etude House guys!

Do you ever feel your face is not moistful enough? I always do so! Plus, sometimes i'm afraid of selecting a skincare product, cause you dont really know what effects does it has. And I'm wondering does it really THAT good like what the advertisement, leaflets say???

However, I've found my trusted brand! It's.....
I love etude house because they sells good product and really effective! Etude House is quite popular in Korea. And of course, its products are all from KOREA!!! Trust-able! :D

Here comes their WONDER PORE FRESHNER!!

It claims:
1. Deep cleanses pores. 
2. Maintain ph 4.5 +1
3. Control a large amount of the sebum 
4. Minimize appearance of pores 
5. Refine the skin tones
6. Keep the elasticity of pores 
7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin
7 in 1 Total Pore solution in a 500ml bottle!!! So how can you resist it??
Still, it is also claimed as:
- Anti Pore-Dex complex, which is I refer to anti demodex...  Demodex folliculorum is a species of face mite. This is one of the parasitic/commensal face mites that occur on people, These mites are found in the human hair follicles, normally found in greater numbers around the cheeks, eyebrows, eyelashes, forehead, and nose, and live in our pores and hair follicles..(source : wikipedia)... It is one of acne causing. 
- Astringentlex, which is for minimize appearance of pores... as freshner and astringent.

Steps to apply:
 This is what attracted me, the pump! 
 Get a cotton pad, press on the pump dispenser 2-3 times. 

 Wipe your face from the center to the outside, which means outward. Then. gently patting the leftover freshner.
You can carry the freshner in a mist type container and apply it when there is too much sebum or when you feel itchy.

I've been using it for quite sometime, maybe like half years. I think it's really effective! the pores get smaller and my skin gets even more moisture! Trust me, you wont feel regret once you started using it!
Rating: 5 over 5!!! 

Next, let's welcome SKIN MALGEM deep moist!

"Malgem or ‘malgeum’ is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas"

Etude House Skin [Mal:Gem] Deep Moist is a hypoallergenic toner for those with very dry skin. It’s milky like texture allows the moisturizing properties to penetrate so deep and effectively, that additional moisturizers are not needed. Soybean extracts nourish skin sufficiently, improving overall skin condition. While pore controlling properties make skin clear and smooth by reducing their appearance.

Instruction in Korean. (don't get what it says. translation took from somewhere)
it says "step 1: use the wiping-type of skin malgem (fresh, smoother)" which is the toner, and then "step 2: use absorbing-type of skin malgem (moist, deep moist,essential)" which is like a moisturizing product. 

the right picture says "using the mist whenever your skin feels dry without having to wash your face and perform your entire skin care routine."

So let's check out how i use it! 
cut out three pieces of soft cotton. (from Etude House too)
 Soak Skin Malgem soft cotton pads with Skin Malgem Deep Moist, put directly on dry parts of skin. ( forehead and cheeks )
Remove pads after 30 seconds for best long lasting moist effect.
Then, gently massage your face until it's fully absorbed.
 (I'm suck at this! idk how to put on the cotton. and it was like way too 'dry'. wtf!)
 after the patting and soaked pads.
Is it clear enough for you to check? I'm a dummy at photoshooting. lollll

to me, Deep Moist is pretty oily. idk why. i just felt oily although my face brighten up and moistfull after applying it. But it totally worths for me to buy it.
Rating: 3 over 5!

 It makes me feel fresh everytime I apply it. No doubt, go get it at any Etude House branches! Plus, it's so huge! guess sister and i can't even finish it in a year! haha :D
look at me now! Moistfull and bright skin after the Wonder Pore Freshner and Malgem Deep Moist!!! Yay! a good day!

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