Thursday, December 6, 2012


Feeling down these days.
Knowing my family don't even put their trust on me is a sad case to me.
I mean, i can take care of myself. I know what I'm doing.
I'm not a 3-year-old kid anymore, hello?!
I know what to do and what's not.
I can differentiate, ok!

She hates them, but she no need to treat them this way!
Just blame it on me!
Why you have to be like this, blaming those who are innocent.
We know him since we were kids!
And of course, we know him better than you do!
How can you judge a book by its cover? Insensible!

Why can't i go to Singapore with them?
I used to be like this when i was still a kid.
I'm so disappointed.
You definitely don't feel anything because you weren't me.
I just want a memorable holiday, like spend some nights in different places.

YOU said ask for permission and i did! But you lie to me!
Why you always stop me from going anywhere! not even with my grandma.
Unless you should give me a sensible REASON!

YOU said YES before that.
But how can you changed your mind after that?
I knew they've said something to you, did they?
you believed, i guess...

Think that my Sister is the only one who can fix me.
Cause only she sees the pain in me.

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