Friday, December 7, 2012

Dead Fish here!

Such a boring day.
keep on flashback the time we spent together.
Miss you like crazy.
I mean I'm a person who will cry or get upset easily when somebody used to be stick around with me suddenly left.
Do nothing today, feel moody.
Without them, i feel like a dead fish. Lifeless.
Just had Milo as brunch and usual dishes as dinner.
Totally fucked up!

Stayed up late yesterday.
I wonder why guys took so long to reply message.
What takes them so long to ignore people's message? (or you can say, forgot)
In case you didn't know, or just found my blog few sec ago, I'm a night owl.
still unable to accept the fact though, sorry. need some time to get over it.
But sometimes the more you want to forget someone/something, the more you remember it.
Time pasts and heals almost everything.
Time could change a person and does not wait.

Now i know what person is she.
Selfish, inconsiderate, ridiculous, want people to obey what she said, liar, two-faced woman.
talk bad things bout people and yell when she doesn't satisfied.
Heard what her friends say and be like a boss. wtf!
Blame people when she did wrong.
It's unnecessary to know who she is. cause it's not a biggie.
I'm just tired being with her.

However, I'll try to party  hard, make mistakes, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, do the things i afraid to do, break the rules, forgive quickly and do something i never done before.
cause after all, i'm only young once.
Do what i want before it's too late.

Just be yourself and don't give a shit about what others might think about you.
Live your life and dream big!
Let's do it together!

Still afraid of the coming of 2013.
Fear to face it. lolll

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