Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Think twice, decide wisely.

I'm sitting for exam this week. might be pretty busy. but everything is still fine so far. Next semester's schedule had already released before it started. All i can say is, nightmare. But i believe, i can get thru it! It's only 5 years of time! It's cool to gain my knowledge It's cool to learn all this new things although it may be very hard and complicated. well, no lie, that it makes me a simple person with complicated mind. wtf. 

Sometimes, we just gonna be simple and act stupid. have seen and heard lots of stories and unfairness  throughout my life and i admit that i disagree unfairness. however, i'm living in a cruel real world which fair-and-square is just bullshit as well as assistance. 

A helping hand is needed in every situations no matter where you are and when is it. We need guidances, mistakes and advices in order to learn and grow. But somehow, people tend to forget of how to appreciate and cherish the help given by people. 

This explains why i love my friends. colleagues, family or people around me. I totally get that nobody is perfect. But sometimes i might get a lil mad, frustrated or dislike to the person around me. I'm sorry for that but i'm not here to beg for your forgiveness as i know "action speaks louder than words" / "talk is cheap". 
I love to listen or read those inspirational quotes on the internet and the advices from experienced person. moreover, I highly respect for those who work their ass off just to achieve their goals hardworking, dare to change, loyal, truthful, respectful, thoughtful and also responsible. I strongly believe if we do goods, great things will come. 

PLEASE do not fall into the trap due to your temptations and cravings. Be satisfied and grateful of what you have. Don't ever let the rapacious lives in your heart! It's the factor that causes a person to make the wrong decisions! just remember, decide wisely, and take everything into consideration! this is what the elders taught me.

“Greed is an imperfection that defiles the mind; hate is an imperfection that defiles the mind; delusion is an imperfection that defiles the mind.” 
― Gautama Buddha


We actually went to Puchong's Neway that day. What a crazy day! Non stop screaming and singing!
My excuse to forget the fxxking reality.

 The ugliest photo i've ever shown i guess...


Boy's tee - Volcom
Denim shorts - F21
Baseball jacket - Sungai Wang

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