Saturday, February 26, 2011

BLACK SWAN, I'm coming!!!

                                          I love this movie so badly!

Hey guys,what's up? I just came back to home from Mid Valley just now. Having an outing with my super-duper-pretty-and-intelligent's friends after a terrible-horrible exam. We walk together, eat together and having some girls talk.This make me feel so warm and secure. But luckyless,we fail to implement our plan. We can't watched our monthly's favourite movie, BLACK SWAN which we discussed since last last week!!!  And I realized every photo that I had been took is so ugly due to my damn messy hair! State that obvious, it's been a long time I didn't cut my hair since last year's December.Urgh!!!! I just can't take it no more!!! Hope I got a chance to watch the BLACK SWAN!

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