Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Am I So Blur???

Why am I so blur? Honestly, I do! It's not easy to forgot something that are very important. But so sorry, I guess... I'm not the one. I was totally gone crazy when a sudden flurry of intervensi had started. Nothing happened for the first week. But after that, I started became blurred and retarded. Obviously, I'm sitting an examination in Science on this Monday. I meant 21st February. But then, I study for Sejarah and Geography!!! It's so ridiculous and blurred right? I can't believe what I had done! Why didn't I telephone Elaine? Can you tell me how can I make a change? I guess you will be convulsed with laughter right now. However. by the end of the test, I was tired but happy! Hope you guys did well on your exams!

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