Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ninja Joe, I Wanna Eat You!!!

my family and i went to mid valley just now and we ate NINJA JOE!!! oh my gosh! their burgers are so delicious! but it is made from pork [what i meant is HALAL]. that's why they are writing "we very love pork!" there. hah! let me show you some photos which i had took while i'm eating their burgers, french fries and drinking coke...

this is their set meal

 i love their decoration! very love it!

we ate many french fries. i think is almost 4 or 5 ... cool right?

yea, my dear friends, we will eat this NINJA JOE after exam alright? promise me. my friends and i miss their food soooo muchhhhie especially AUDREY. heh! everybody, it's time to "disappear myself" . so... biong! annyeong!

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