Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free To Fly~~~

i'm free! free to online, free to watch tv, free to update ma lovely to do everything i love!!! obviously, i'm just finished exam. not exactly. but anyway, i bet ma result will be very very bad this time. fine! it's alright! i'm going to ma hometown tomorrow or saturday. i'm not very sure bout' that. *cackle*

look! i'm too free!
i draw this during exam

i'm trying ma best not to tell you guys, but i can't stand anymore. should i tell you guys??? well, i'll tell you now. I NEED AN OUTING SO DESPERATELY!!! can you help me to solve this problem? yea, i knew you wanted too. but, FINE! i'll wait another 7 days! after 7 days, hehe... i could have a date with ma intelligent friends!!! ya---hoo! if you want, you can join us too! I don't really mind. so call me: 01x-1234567.

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