Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh No!!!

I'm back!!! Miss yer sooo mucchh! Can't wait to see you guys la weih! Ha ha! Tomorrow is a public holiday, so what you guys planning for? Now I'm planning to buy something that are very expensive. Yea! It is really expensive! Aiya! You won't understand if i just write like this. So let me show you...

ma wings hoodie!!!

aw~~ i want this!

Can someone buy me these stuff??? Please~~~as my birthday present! FINE! I knew what you are thinking. It's alright! I'll buy myself these stuff when I'm rich! Ha ha! 

Do you know i just came back from Penang? I knew you don't know. I got something special from there. It's a pen! A pen from KOREA!!!

this is what i got

 i had chosen this pen 

Is that nice??? I want the monkey ones. But, fine! I gave it to my brother. Ha ha! I'm kind. By the way, it's time to go. So... biong!

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