Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OH MY GOSH!!! LOGAN LERMAN is so damn handsome and gorgeous!!! I fell in love with him after I had watched percy jackson and the lightning bolt! hmm... Stop crapping. Let me show you how good-looking is him.

 I love this picture so badly!!!

 OMG! I kena electric shock...Xb

 So damn yeng!!! Will you protect me while i'm in danger???

 Are you a student? I'm wearing a specs too!

 What a handsome and gorgeous and cute guy?!

 You smile, I smile...

Percy Jackson!!!

It's killing me to see you smile!!!

You saw that?? aw~~~  is LOGAN LERMAN handsome??? I bet you will say "YES" !!! If you'd watched Percy Jasckson and The Lightning Bolt, you must have known that he was a demigod. Sons of  the sea-god, Poseidon. And he had to rescue his mom from Hades who was the god of underworld. Percy was so innocent! But anyway, that was just a movie. It's not real! Although it's not real, but I still believe that Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are exist in this big world.

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