Thursday, July 12, 2012

Web apps for Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo taking and sharing application for Apple’s iPhone. You can basically use it to take snapshots with the phone’s camera and send them directly to sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. It comes with other social features that make it that more enticing to a crowd that likes to socialize on the web. The photos have a distinct look and feel which may be one of the reasons for the application’s popularity (besides from being free). 

now Singapore based team of developers named A-FIS has just added a new feature to Webstagram, a highly acclaimed Instagram web viewer developed by the company. so, people can check out the latest photos through web.  


Webstagram is one of the most popular web-based Instagram apps with lots of
options, like viewing your feed, browsing random images and follow buttons. One of 
the things I like most about the app is it tells you which filters your friends have
been using, which is great if you need some inspiration and want to recreate
certain looks.

You also get your own Webstagram URL, so if you want to share your images
with people who don't have the Instagram app, this is an ideal way to do that.

besides that, also have lots of web apps for Instagram too! here they are...

Inkstagram is probably one of the slickest and best looking Instagram web apps,
which presents your feed and your personal photos in a grid-like format.

The app itself is pretty intuitive and very similar to the mobile version with most of
the same functionality, such as browsing likes, changing your settings and following
new people.
Instagreat lets you browse streams of content, so choose from popular photos,
those in your feed or your personal ones and then flick through from side to side.
It's a bit of a different take on the Instagram web app and is much more about
browsing than using any other functionality.
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