Tuesday, July 3, 2012


okay, first i was late for my school today. woke up at 6.23am and started preparing. so that means we only left 17 mins to get ready everything! as i mentioned before, my phone is sucks! it sometimes silent itself without any reasons. urghhh!

next, i done a chemistry experiment today and it was quite fun although i din't really know what was it for. plus i'm so glad to hear that we'll be doing another experiment on thursday. so we don't have to study chemistry this whole week. hooray!

last, i went for swimming and gym this evening right after watching an unknown movie. i feel great after that. maybe this was the first time i did so many stuff since i moved here. well, addmath tuition is being called off suddenly and so, i'm free tomorrow but i still have to stay back cause we are having a birthday celebration right after school.

i guess i must sleep earlier this few days as i often feeling sleepy and dizzy. what i'm thinking now is i wanna go kenanga this saturday and my school's sports day. :D

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