Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Haircut

today was school holiday, so we decided to kill the time by shopping at pavilion and kenanga wholesale plaza. but when we were on our way back to times square, two barber-learner came and asked my sister if she willing to be their MODEL! we were like so surprised! i mean MY SIS cause she got a long long hair. we both thought that they were fraud syndicate at first and we were like not bothering them. but after that, we knew that they were having their first-exam that time so a model is needed. they took about 1.30 hours to complete it even though it was just a basic. phewww~ i can see how nervous she was.

now i know that it ain't easy to be a barber cause you have to memorize lots of stuff. like you must cut the hair 45 degrees to make it be a straight line in any way. plus their teacher was strict. anyway, the haircut was free for my sister as she wanted to have a haircut since last last week. so lucky! but for me, i've been sitting there, watching them for 1.30 hours! my ass was painful! oh ya! at the end, we can't make it to kenanga due to the haircut. so we back to pavilion's ichiban for our lunch. what a lucky and unlucky day :/

lastly, that's my outfit of the day.
shirt and long jeans from bangkok

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