Saturday, July 28, 2012

BB's concert, I'm coming!

28/7. do you know how much it means to me? yes, big bang's tix is on sale! i thought i couldn't get the tickets as 688,488's tix were sold out less than 2 hours. but i was so lucky! my sister and i went to rock corner at 1 Utama to ask if they still left some tix. and they told us 'YES" ! omg! i was super happy and shocked! i think we were most probably the last 10. we wanted VIP at first, but then...just fine, as long as i can listen to their voice LIVE! i'm looking forward to the day when they came to our city!  

then we had a great dinner with my neighbor at 52 restaurant, somewhere at Semenyih. the foods were quite nice though. this was the second time we've been there. so let the picture do the job.

anti-social world. everyone was busy tapping their phone.

my favourite dish! thumbs up!

both of them are my favourite! a must-try dish!

lastly, my outfit of the day. 
neon nike kick from HK, dark blue shorts from BK and tops from F21

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