Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Of A Sudden

today was such a rush! my sister who's a pengerusi of pengawas sukan told me she's not in the school on Thursday and Friday cause people who run for 1500m, 800m, 400m, 100m and so on, gonna have their race both of the day instead of sports day. well, i know i'm not involving so i bring nothing, as usual. and it's impossible they put me in long-distance running without knowing anything about me!

like every morning, we gathered at in the crowded hall , keep talking and crapping. but suddenly, i heard my name being called from the stage. to make it sure, i told my friends and asked them if they heard my name. but they didn't heard any things cause they were busy talking plus the hall was really really noisy. can't even heard lion's roaring. i thought i was mishearing, so i didn't give a shit on it and continue my daydreaming. however, the second and third time came. i was worried about getting in trouble at school and so we decided to find out what's the purpose...
three of us get on the stage and i was being told that i'm going for 4x400m! in fact, i've signed up for 100m and 4x100m that day but not 400m! wtf man! i thought that definitely was a big mistake, so i quickly make a correction by telling him the truth yet getting myself out from this game. oh gosh! i told him i bring nothing, i'm not being told by anybody, and i never sign up for 4x400m! what he answer was " you gotta take part. just go find a shirt and meet me in front of the school gate " boooooomm!!! failed! why? why should be me??? there's still lots of volunteers waiting out there! FINE! i'm going no matter what. just run till the end and my job is done!
i walked there and wait there, standing, doing nothing. someone shouted out my name and i know it's my turn. but! this is the most-pissed-off time. cause my name was on 800M's list!!! great! the most explosive thing i ever heard! the guy told me 4x400m but now 800M!!! wth! double up! fineeee again! i'll pay the price (skipping class) by running two big round of the stadium. unfortunately, i got second to last. two participants were disqualified. i'm glad that i ran the race and successfully finished my race. 

last but not least, thank my friends for borrowing me their shirts and pants without any thoughts. thank you so much! you solve my problems when i'm in rush. plus lend me a hand when im in need. :) 

Happy Birthday, Yee Kuan!

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